Mold Removal

  • Mold Remediation and Restoration
  • Residential and Commercial 25+ Years
  • Florida-Licensed Mold Remediator #MRSR2218
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Water Damage

  • Water, Fire, Flood, Weather Restoration - Over 25 Years
  • 24/7 Emergency - Commercial and Residential
  • Florida-Licensed Division 1 General Contractor #CGC057555
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Mold Testing

  • Mold Inspections, Mold Testing, Moisture Investigations
  • Commercial and Residential, 25+ Years
  • Florida-Licensed Mold Assessor #MRSA2030
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License Holder / Expert Witness

Stephen J. Delgado is Coastal Disaster Recovery's license holder.

  • Licensed Mold Assessor
  • Licensed Mold Remediator
  • Licensed Division 1 General Contractor
  • Licensed Building Inspector
  • Expert Testimony Services: Water Damage Restoration, Mold, Construction - Billing, Contract Disputes, Defects, Delays...
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Call Coastal Disaster Mold and Water Damage

Our water damage and mold expert, Stephen Delgado, has seen the perils of moisture and water on building materials first hand. Stephen has performed insurance restorations, flood damage restorations, emergency services, structural drying, mold testing, and mold remediations on over millions of square feet in commercial, residential, multi-family and medical properties since he began his career in construction over 25 years ago.

Coastal Disaster Recovery's principal, Stephen Delgado, understands building structures and building components inside out. As a Division 1 General Contractor, he has built buildings from the ground up, added major improvements and additions to existing buildings, and repaired major damage to buildings due to fire, flood, wind, hurricane and sink hole damage. Steve's extensive experience brings a holistic approach to solving your water damage and mold issues.

Whether you are a homeowner, a property manager, a building maintenance engineer, a general contractor, a landlord, a tenant, or a hospital CFO...

Call Coastal Disaster Recovery, one of Florida's longest-serving water damage restoration companies, to ask questions.

Call Coastal Disaster Mold and Water Damage