Building Maintenance

Thermal Imaging as a Tool

Be proactive, find moisture and aging building materials before damage sets in.

Many building materials become brittle and cracked due to deterioration from the sun, temperature extremes, etc. When building materials crack, they become potential points of water intrusion and subsequent water damage and mold damage and can also attract termites. Some of these moisture entry points are invisible to the naked eye. Using an infrared camera during scheduled preventive building maintenance can pinpoint minor moisture leaks, giving plenty of opportunity to correct the problem while limiting the damage caused by water intrusion.

Schedule Preventive Building Maintenance with Thermal Imaging

The thermal imaging camera can be used during regularly-scheduled building maintenance to find areas which are holding moisture, since moist building materials have a different temperature than dry building materials. As your trained inspector scans building materials, a color-coded image showing temperature differentials appears on the thermal imaging camera screen. When temperature differentials appear on the camera screen, the camera operator can further investigate and troubleshoot these areas using moisture meters, moisture detectors, and fiber optic cameras. He can then assess and locate materials that may have aged, such as roofing membranes, caulking (especially around windows and doors), stucco, electrical wires and breakers that are causing heat due to shorts, deteriorated insulation values in wall cavities and ceilings, and degraded, thinning sealants and paints.

Don’t skip your preventive building maintenance! Ignoring aging building materials, water damage or excess moisture will cost you. Damp and wet building materials start to decay and rot and can even cause the overall structure of the building to become compromised. Water and moisture enter the interior of the home at compromised locations. The longer building materials remain wet, the more likely it is that mold growth and termite damage will occur.

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