Prepare for Hurricanes, Floods, Windstorms, Water Damage Incidents, Mold, Indoor Air Quality Issues, Fires, and Other Disasters

Lessons Learned – After Disasters

Floods are the single most common natural disaster, not only in Florida, but worldwide. Couple flooding with hurricanes, and we Floridians have cause to be prepared for disaster. Now is the time to hedge your bets against hurricane damage and flood damage. Prepare each year as if a hurricane or flood will affect your property, and you will minimize the damage to your lifestyle and your property if the unthinkable does occur.

First and foremost, understand your insurance policy and the dynamic between you and your insurance company.

Be proactive. Choose your emergency service provider in advance.

    As a property owner, you have a responsibility to mitigate (lessen) damage to your property until your insurance company can step in to help.

Take these steps to minimize damage once a storm is inevitable.

    Taking the time to prepare for a flood or weather emergency can help you avoid costly repairs related to water damage and remember, it only takes a few hours for excessive humidity and water penetration to cause bacterial growth that leads to black mold.

Stephen Delgado, one of Florida’s leading water damage experts, provides seminars on hurricane preparedness. Stephen has been mitigating water damage for over 25 years, including leading Coastal Disaster Recovery’s emergency service efforts during 2004’s Hurricane Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne. Stephen has actively participated in recovery of Hurricane Sandy by project management and consulting services to commercial property owners.

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