Mold Health

Can mold cause mold health issues?

Yes. The IOM (Institute of Medicine) has determined that there is sufficient evidence linking indoor mold exposure with mold health – upper respiratory tract symptoms, asthma symptoms, and hypersensitivity pneumonitis in susceptible people. Exposure to mold in people who are already sensitive to allergens can cause nasal congestion, eye irritation, skin irritation and wheezing. People who have serious allergies to mold will have more severe reactions.

Severe mold health reactions usually occur when a person has been exposed to high elevations of mold over a long period of time while breathing heavily, such as when children spend all day running around grandma’s attic. Symptoms of severe reactions may include fever and shortness of breath. Some people who already suffer from chronic lung illnesses could develop mold infections in their lungs. The IOM also found evidence that links indoor mold exposure and respiratory illness in otherwise healthy children.

Of course, your physician is the best person to ask about health, whether it be mold health or any other health issue.

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