New Construction

Quality Assurance in Construction

New Construction

The rise in litigation and insurance claims require more diligence on the part of the builder. Although many contractors still have an eye for detail, today’s construction projects are done quickly, under strict budgetary constraits and are performed by a labor force with limited skill sets. Superficial looks often take the place of true quality.

Additionally, the use of northern concept designs and materials, imposed on southern environments, of ten results in poor performance problems. The complexity of buildings with tens of thousands of feet of material joints, result in areas of concern such as:

  • compromised wall joints
  • poor window construction and installation
  • improperly installed, poor, or missing insulation

thermal imaging camera

thermal imaging camera in construction

Such construction problems can result in moisture and moist air leakage into the building envelope. For example, in the South, missing insulation can cause higher energy costs and warmer spots in buildings. In cases where moisture from outside the building leaks into the interior space of the building, interior cold surfaces can allow condensation to form and ultimately result in mold growth. The infiltration of hot/humid outdoor air in the summertime can result in wasted energy, excess humidity and high moisture at surfaces. The infrared camera can identify areas where air currents or air infiltrations are impacting the building.

Doing a routine check-up can detect and prevent future problems in your home or building. It’s less expensive to be proactive! Take advantage of the dry winter weather to detect and correct problems before the rains come.